The Content Sprint

Take your content game from 0 to 60 in ten working days. (Because, if you’re a startup, fast is the only speed you’ve got.)

Instead of approaching your content strategy piece-by-piece (read: the slow way), let’s take a page out of the engineering playbook and do a content sprint.

That is, we’ll set clear goals, focus hard, and get a ton of content done in a single block of time (usually two working weeks). 

Q: Why a content sprint? Why do things differently?

A: The old way doesn’t work.

Most startups and new businesses cobble together their content strategy from scraps. An article here. A web update there. A different writer each time. Always off the side of someone’s desk.

But content is how you talk to your customers. And they’re paying attention to what you’re saying and how you’re saying it, even if you’re not.

So how do you produce a lot of fantastic content without hiring a full content team, juggling multiple freelancers, or draining your in- house resources?

That’s where I come in. This is what I do.

Hire me for a focused content sprint, and I’ll come alongside your team, ask questions, expose weak spots, connect dots, and work quickly to create a whole bunch of great content for your startup.

You’re ten working days away from solving your content problem. Let’s get started.

Here’s how a content sprint works.

  • 1. LOOK: Before the sprint starts, I do a deep dive into what you’re already doing. What’s going right with your content and communication strategy? What’s not? What holes do we need to fill? I’ll put together my wishlist of next steps.
  • 2. PLAN: We put our heads together, put our lists together, and make a detailed production plan. We look at your data. We discuss goals. You get my ideas, my expertise, and my instincts. (Yes, you also get final say.)
  • 3. DO: Day one. We shift into execution mode. I work alone or with your in-house team to create the assets and content we’ve agreed upon. Each component is submitted to you for approval before being marked complete.
  • 4. CELEBRATE: Is that a huge pile of shiny new content ready to attract new customers and build trust in your brand? Why, yes. Yes it is.

Here’s what you’ll get.

  • A content, messaging, and website audit completed before the beginning of the sprint. I’ll have a list of ideas ready to go.
  • 1–2 planning meetings before the sprint, as necessary. Let’s do what we need to do to make your sprint an overwhelming success.
  • My full attention during the sprint. I will eat, breathe, and sleep your business for two weeks. Want to float an idea? Have an edit? Change your mind about something? Call me. I’m at your disposal.
  • All meetings, phone calls, research, and production hours during the sprint. 
  • A whole stack of finished content! The scope varies based on the production plan. (Want a full website rewrite and some blog content? 15 new blog articles? 3 blog articles and a bunch of app screens? It’s up to you.)
  • Your content challenge solved (and off your desk). Awesome.

Why me?

I wrote my first story when I was four years old. Then, a year later, I started my first business.

Fast forward a few decades, and I still do mostly the same things.

Except now, I get hired by early-stage startups because I bring a pretty rare combination to the table: problem-solving mojo + business instincts + serious writing chops.

I can do a lot, do it quickly, and I know how to prioritize. I figure stuff out and make things happen. And I would love to make amazing things happen for you.

Ready to get started? Talk to me.